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A Bibliography of The Writings of D. H. Lawrence MCDONALD, Edward D.

A Diary of Engravings and Linocuts ARMAN, Mark

A Girl at Government House: An English Girl's Reminiscences; VELLACOTT, Helen (editor).

A Hand-Book to the Marsupialia and Monotremata LYDEKKER, Richard

A Home in Inveresk PATON, T. L.

A Letter From Sydney ARNOLD, John (editor). (LINDSAY, Ray)

A List of French Naval Records and Illustrations Relating to Australian and Tasmanian Aborigines 1771 - 1828 MARCHANT, Leslie R. (compiler).

A Magnificent Collection of Botanical Books Sotheby

A Manual of Geography HUGHES, William

A Manual of the Mollusca Being A Treatise on Recent and Fossil Shells WOODWARD, S. P.

A New Years Gift For Little Masters & Misses BEWICK, Thomas

A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland & Ireland POLLARD, A. W. & REDGRAVE, G. R. (compilers).

A Voyage in the 'Sunbeam' BRASSEY, Mrs.

Abolition of Capital Punishment LEE, Frederick

Adam Bede ELIOT, George

Adventures in Australia or Wanderings of Captain Spencer in the Bush and The Wilds LEE, Mrs R.

Advice to Mothers, On The Subject of Their Own Health; BUCHAN, William M.D.

All My Enemies MAITLAND, Barry.

All The King's Enemies: A History of the 2/5th Australian Infantry Battalion TRIGELLIS-SMITH, S.

Allan Quatermain HAGGARD, H. RIDER

An Anthography of the Eucalypts GRIMWADE, Russell

An Historical Survey of the County of Cornwall: Vol. II PENALUNA, William

An Imperial Marriage MARCHMONT, A. W.

An Introduction to Entomology: or Elements of the Natural History of Insects: KIRBY, William & SPENCE, William

Areopagitica MILTON, John

Arts & Craft: Review of the Work of the Executed by the Students HOLME, Charles (editor).

Asuka Buddhist Art: Horyu-ji SEIICHI MIZUNO

Au Pays Des Kangourous et Des Mines D'Or COMETTANT, Oscar

Aussie: first Volume HARRIS, Phillip L. editor

Aussie:1st Volume HARRIS, Phillip L. editor

Australia TROLLOPE, Anthony (EDWARDS, P.D. & JOYCE, R.B. editors).

Australian Men of Mark 1788 - 1888 Carrington, Phillip

Avant & Apres la Destruction d'Ypres

Bakers Standard 2nd Edition

Beautiful Leaved Plants: LOWE, E. J & HOWARD, W.

Black & Blue RANKIN, Ian

Bruges and West Flanders. Painted by A. Forestier OMOND, G.W.T.

Bushrangers, Bandits and Bastards: An Illustrated History of Colonial Crime 1850-1900 PENZIG, Edgar

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities: The Complete Plates in Colour 1734-1765 SEBA, Albertus

Caratteri SCHMALTZ, Rafinesque C.S. introduzione di Carlo Violani

Cassell's Chronology of World History WILLIAMS, Hywel

Classes and Cultures England 1918-1951 MCKIBBIN, Ross

Classic Natural History Prints: Plants ROBSON, Eve & Norman

Commentaries on the Historical Plays of Shakspeare (Shakespeare) 2 Volume Set COURTENAY, Thomas Peregrine

Comoediae Sex TERENTII, P. (TERENCE) HICKIE, D. B. (notes).

Complete Poetry and Selected Prose HAYWARD, John (editor). (DONNE, John )

Contemporary Australian Painting CHANIN, Eileen (editor).

Dogs of China & Japan in Nature and Art COLLIER, V. W. F.

Don Juan: Canto I BYRON, Lord

Early Experiences of Colonial Life in South Australia BULL, J. W.

Eastward MacLeod, Norman D.D.

Eighteenth Century Essays DOBSON, Austin

Elements of Agricultural Chemistry, In A Course of Lectures For The Board of Agriculture DAVY, Sir Humphry

Elsie de Wolfe CAMPBELL, Nina & Caroline Seebohm

English Furniture Designs of the Eighteenth Century WARD-JACKSON, Peter

Excursions in Normandy: - Two Volume Set SHOBERL, Frederic

Flower Paintings of Ellis Rowan ROWAN, Ellis (HEWSON, Helen & HAZZARD, Margaret)

Fragmens du Dernier Voyage De La Perouse - Fragments From the Last Voyage of La Perouse DUNMORE, John (editor).

Fungoid Pests of Cultivated Plants COOKE, M. C.

Ginger and McGlusky HALES, A.G.

Harris's Requiem MIDDLETON, Stanley

Hilary Burns Leves, Kerry (introduction)

Hill of Destiny (Colline) GIONO, Jean

Historic Lushan: The Kuling Mountains STONE, Albert B.

Historical Records of Australia: Series I. Governors' Despatches to and From England Vol. IV. 1803 - 1804 WATSON, Frederick (editor).

History of British India MURRAY, Hugh

Home is The Hotel NICOL, Jean

How To Identify Prints GASCOIGNE, Bamber

Hypnerotomachia Poliphili: The Strife of Love In A Dream COLONNA, Francesco & GODWIN, Joscelyn (trans.)

Hypnerotomachia Poliphili: The Strife of Love In A Dream COLONNA, Francesco & GODWIN, Joscelyn (trans.)

Imperial Austria: Treasures of Art, Arms and Armour From the The State of Syria KRENN, Peter & KARCHESKI, Walter J.

In Memoriam A. A. H. Tennyson, Lord Alfred

In The Days When The World Was Wide and Other Verses LAWSON, Henry

Interior Decoration: A Guide to Furnishing The Australian Home LORD, Margeret

International Circus: Reproduction of the Antique Pop-Up Books MEGGENDORFER, Lothar

Islamic Carpets and Textiles In The Keir Collection SPUHLER, Friedrich

Ivan Ilyitch and Other Stories TOLSTOI (TOLSTOY, Leo) Count Lyof N. & DOLE, Nathan Haskell (trans).

Jane Eyre: An Autobiography BELL, Currer (BRONTE, Charlotte)

Jessie M. King and E. A. Taylor Illustrator and Designer NAHUM, Peter (editor).

Josiah Wedgwood, F.R.S. His Personal History SMILES, Samuel

Journal of Department of Agriculture - Victoria: April, 1914; June 1914; June 1915.

Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice CABELL, James Branch

Just So Stories KIPLING, Rudyard.

Knights. HOPKINS, Andrea.

Leather bound scrapbook

Les Autoportraits de Mapplethorpe MAPPLETHORPE, Robert

Les Autoportraits de Mapplethorpe MAPPLETHORPE, Robert

Letters and Sketches From the New Hebrides PATON, Maggie Whitecross

Letters From The Highlands; or The Famine of 1847 SOMERS, Robert

Life in The Far West RUXTON, George

Lloyd's Natural History: Game-Birds 2 Vols.; Primates 2 Vols.; Carnivores Part I: Cats, Civets & Mungooses; Marsupialia and Monotremata. SHARPE, R. Bowdler (editor)

London DARK, Sidney & PENNELL, Joseph (illustrator).

Magic in the Making: A First Book of Conjuring MULHOLLAND, John & SMITH, Milton N.

Manfred: A Tragedy BYRON, Lord.

Marriage (FERRIER, Susan)

Masters of Their Craft IOANNOU, Noris

Mearing Stones: Leaves From My Note-Book on Tramp in Donegal CAMPBELL, Joseph

Metropolitan Board of Water Supply and Sewerage: Official Handbook, 1913.

Modern Indian Painting ROA, P. R. Ramachandra

Montezuma's Daughter HAGGARD, H. RIDER

Ned Kelly: A Play STEWART, Douglas & LINDSAY, Norman (illus.).

Old Man Murray LAWSON, Will

Old Westminster Bridge: The Bridge of Fools WALKER, R. J. B.

Orient-Pacific Line Guide: Chapters for Travellers by Sea and by Land LOFTIE, W. J. (editor).

Paul - The Hero of the Fire ARDIZZONE, Edward

Paul and Virginia: The Indian Cottage: Elizabeth; or The Exiles of Siberia: A Tale SAINT-PIERRE, Jacques-Henri & COTTIN, Madame

Peg's Fairy Book MALTBY, Peg

Perfume Legends: French Feminine Fragrances EDWARDS, Michael

Pictorial Map of Triton US Department of the Interior

Pictorial Map of Triton & Pictorial Map of the Slidr Linea Quadrangle (Nt-2) of Triton US Department of the Interior

Possums of the World FLANNERY, Timothy.

Practical Staircase Joinery HASLUCK, Paul N.

Queen Sheba's Ring HAGGARD, H. RIDER

Quicker Than The Eye MULHOLLAND, John

Rokeby - A Poem SCOTT, Sir Walter

Saint Hugh of Lincoln MAYR-HARTING, Henry (editor).

Sartor Resartus: The Life and Opinions of Herr Teufelsdrockh CARLYLE, Thomas

SATYRAE JUVENALIS, Decii Junii et FLACCI, Auli Persii

Select Extra-Tropical Plants Readily Eligible For Industrial Culture or Naturalisation, MUELLER, Ferdinand von, Baron

Shipping Interest. Speech of The Right Hon. W. Huskisson In The House of Commons, Monday, The 7th of May, 1827, HUSKISSON, Right Hon. W.

Short Studies On Great Subjects FROUDE, James Anthony, M.A.

Simple Stakes A Claim HUGHES, Langston

Simple Tests For Minerals Or Every Man His Own Analyst CAMPBELL, Joseph Rev

Sketch of the Civil and Traditional History of Caithness From the Tenth Century CALDER, James T.

Sleeveless Errand JAMES, Norah C. & GARNETT, Edward (preface)

Songdogs. McCANN, Colum.

South China In The Sixteenth Century BOXER, C. R. (editor)

Spiders, Ticks and Mites TAYLOR, F. H. & MURRAY, R. E.

Spook Crooks!: Exposing the Secrets of the Prophet-eers PROSKAUER, Julien J.

St. Kilda to Brighton Electric Street Railway Board Bradford, Francis Edwin

Staffordshire Portrait Figures and Allied Subjects of The Victorian Era PUGH, P. D. Gordon

Stories in Verse HUNT, Leigh

Sydney N.S.W. The Gem of the South

Sylvia's Travels ARMFIELD, Constance & ARMFIELD, Maxwell (illus)

Tales of Adventure Mystery and Imagination POE, Edgar Allan

Tambourines To Glory HUGHES, Langston

Test Match Records for All Games Australia v. England 1877-1938 ELLIS, J. L. & LIDDICUT, A. E.

The Abomination of Moab. CONQUEST, Robert.

The Bird Of Dawning MASEFIELD, John & MUNCASTER, Claude (illus.).

The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments...together with

The Catcher In The Rye SALINGER, J.D

The Chatelaine of Vergi: A 13th Century French Romance BRANDIN, L. (editor) & KEMP-WELCH, Alice (trans.)

The Complete Poetical Works of Thomas Campbell CAMPBELL, Thomas & ROBERTSON, J. Logie (editor).

The Conchologist's Companion ROBERTS, Mary

The Decameron - 2 Volumes BOCCACCI, Giovanni (J.M. Rigg trans).

The Dome Number Two: A Quarterly Containing Examples of All Arts YEATS, W. B.; HOUSMAN, Lawrence; NICHOLSON, William and many more

The Emancipist: An Historical Drama in Three Parts ANTILL, John Macquarie & ANTILL-DE-WARREN, Rose

The Grave: A Poem BLAIR, Robert

The History of "Punch" SPIELMANN, M. H.

The History of the Don Quixote De La Mancha CERVANTES

The Hobbit. A dramatic Narration by Nicol Williamson. 4 record set. TOLKIEN, J.R.R.

The Idler: Vol. I. February to July, 1892. JEROME, K. Jerome & BARR, Robert (editors)

The Invalid's Own Book: Collection of Recipes From Various Books and Various Countries CUST, Lady

The Lake Regions of Central Africa: A Record of Modern Discovery GEDDIE, John

The Life and Adventures of Oliver Goldsmith FORSTER, John

The Little Green Road to Fairyland OUTHWAITE, Ida Rentoul & Annie Rentoul

The Malcontenta. MAITLAND, Barry.

The Manufacture of Pulp and Paper From Australian Woods BENJAMIN, L. R.

The March of Folly: From Troy to Vietnam TUCHMAN, Barbara

The Marx Sisters MAITLAND, Barry

The Marx Sisters MAITLAND, Barry

The Modern Conjurer: Drawing Room Entertainer NEIL, C. Lang

The Mutiny oCaptain Willliam Bligh on the Bounty: The Robert and Mary Anne Parks Collection HORDERN HOUSE

The Outline of History: Being A Plain History of Life and Mankind 2 Volume WELLS, H. G.

The Oxford Companion To Shakespeare DOBSON, Michael & WELLS, Stanley (editors).

The People's Potteries JOHNSTON, Dorothy

The Pistols of Germany and It's Allies In Two World Wars Volume I STILL, Jan C.

The Poems English Latin and Greek of Richard Crashaw CRASHAW, Richard & MARTIN, L. C. (editor).

The Poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon GORDON, A. Lindsay

The Poetical Works of Matthew Arnold ARNOLD, Matthew

The Quiet Eye VOGLER, Felicitas

The Royal Toast "AUSTRALIANUS" (BACK, K. J.)

The Shipwreck: A Poem With A Sketch of His Life FALCONER, William

The Small Treasures of a Lifetime REES, Lloyd

The Smuggler: A Tale BANIM, John

The Textile Manufactures of Great Britain DODD, George

The Thompson Street Poker Club

The Transformation (Or Metamorphoses) of Insects DUNCAN, F. Martin & L. T.

The Tree OWL, Grey (Wa-Sha-Quon-Asin)

The Tree House Signed & Limited Edition LIDDELL, John

The United States With Incursion to Mexico, Cuba, Porto Rico, and Alaska BAEDEKER, Karl.

The Unpopular King: LEGGE, Alfred O.

The Vein In The Marble TENNANT, Stephen & GREY, Pamela

The Voyage of the Dayspring: Being the Journal of the late Sir John Hawley Glover HASTINGS, A. C. G. & (GLOVER, John Hawley)

The Winter Solstice MONRO, Harold

The Wonders and Beauties of Creation

The World of Alphonse Allais KINGTON, MILES (selected translated and edited by)

The World's Desire HAGGARD, H. Rider & LANG, Andrew.

Thir Notandums: Being the Literary Recreations Of Laird Canticarl of Mongrynen SERVICE, John & DUNLOP, James

Thoughts of Cicero CICERO

Through Famine-Stricken Russia STEVENI, W. Barnes

Tironibus: A First Latin Reading Book LYNE, G. M.

Titles of English Books Volume I 1475-1640 & Volume II 1641-1700 ALLISON, A. F. & GOLDSMITH, V. F.

Tom Pagdin Pirate BRADY, Edwin J.

Travels Through The Balearic and Pithiusian Islands, Performed Between The Years 1801 and 1806 DE ST. SAUVEUR, A. G.

Trawl JOHNSON, B. S.

Trees and Their Life Histories GROOM, Percy (IRVING, Henry photographs)

Tricks of The Trade In The Adulterations of Food and Physic

Tylney Hall HOOD, Thomas

Under The Southern Cross McCULLAGH, Brian

Vere Foster's Landscape Painting for Beginners FOSTER, Vere.

Visions Of A Nomad THESIGER, Wilfred

Visions of the World: A History of Maps BLACK, Jeremy.

Waddleton Chronology of Books with Colour Printed WADDLETON, Norman

Waller's Wonders: A Collection of Practical Magical Effects WALLER, Charles

We Never Closed: The Windmill Story DAMM, Sheila Van

Westralian Cavalry In The War: The Story of the Tenth Light Horse Regiment A.I.F. In The Great War, 1914-1918 OLDEN, Lieut-Col. A. C. N.

When The Stars Look Down DALRYMPLE, E.

Where Shakespeare Set His Stage LATHROP, Elsie

Wit and Humour, Selected From the English Poets; HUNT, Leigh

With The Flagship in the South BEAN, C.E.W.

Women In Love LAWRENCE, D. H.

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